Selected Aphorisms


“Where are we? Where Wilde and Socrates and Thoreau and Groucho Marx, toddlers all, sit together on the floor and mix toes and fingers. High-rise axioms. Murray is as philosophically as he is humorously exact: what more can one ask of a ‘glimpse’? Skimming his stones across the pond, plumbing the depths, he is laconic, wristy, apocalyptic. ‘Solipsists should mind their own business.’” — Paul Durcan

“George Murray masters the whole range of aphorism, from whimsy to wisecrack, proverb to pens? He doesn’t preach or teach. He sneaks up on truths from unexpected directions, surprising them as they become true. I’ve got dozens of collections of aphorisms on my shelves. This one I’ll keep right on the desk.” — James Richardson

“Every aphorism calls out to us, like the last line from some beautiful, but imaginary, poem.” — Christian B??p>

1. There is no way to forget any moment, except in its sequence.
2. As with the knife, the longer the conversation, the less frequently it comes to a point.
3. Do not discount the stupid bravery of the first to arrive.
4. The butterflys wings are nothing to the overwhelming force of the common.
5. Knowledge is what happens when you rob suspicion of doubt.

— from Glimpse

Glimpse is a book of 409 aphorisms, a form that straddles the line between poetry and philosophy, yet is likely more accessible to the general public than either. Each tiny, crafted piece is, in its entirety, not simply a distilled poem or a pre-poem or a poem explained, but rather a crystallized poetic essence — an attempt at getting closer to, and preserving, the poetic moment or epiphany by capturing the first thoughts generated during the impulse to write rather than the thought long held and worked and shaped.

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