Winning with the Customer from Hell: A Survival Guide

A Survival Guide

They yell and shout and try to intimidate. They whine and demand inordinate amounts of time. They push your buttons and raise your blood pressure. Who are they? They’re the Customers from Hell. Winning with the Customer from Hell by Shaun Belding offers realistic, practical, and anecdotal solutions to this problem.

“[Belding] maintains a straightforward style that spells out some awkward home truths. So if your resolution is to mend bridges or rebuild dysfunctional relationships this book is just what you need, or it could be exactly what you need to avoid getting into a dysfunctional situation in the first place.”
Abeceder: independent minds: unique solutions, December 2005.

“The series is an easy read, practical, and insightful.”
Canadian Book Review Annual, November/December 2005

“For those who like to keep things simple, [Belding] endorses in this volume the LESTER approach, which he promotes as a “simple, proven formula.”
— Marilyn Bowen, syndicated column, Miami Herald, July 2004

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