Pro Football Halftime Activity Book


Its time to sharpen your crayons and get ready to have fun with some of pro footballs most famous (and infamous) players, teams, coaches, and outrageous personalities.

Monday-morning quarterbacks of all ages will be kept busy at halftime as they tackle these irreverent and fan-friendly activities, including trivia, drawing, colouring, secret codes, connect the dots, word searches, football libs, and word scrambles.

Help Plaxico pick out his next weapon of choice. Find your way through Jim Marshalls “Wrong-Way” maze. Design your own LA team name and logo. Help rebuild Joe Theismanns leg, match-up the moustache to its owner, and style Troy Polamalus hair. And theres much more, featuring the likes of Al Davis, Dennis Green, Coach Ditka, the Cowgirls, and even Janet Jacksons halftime revelation.

Chips and dip not included.

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