Paper Radio


In her first book, Damian Rogers tracks the transformative moment, where emotion and deep memory seek form through sound and image. Her poems tune into a stream of cosmic chatter, channeling voices that tell their stories slant, from a chaste nineteenth century utopian mystic to a chorus of crones to the radical characters of Detroits sixties-era radical underground. Examining the equally futile and seductive impulses to chase both chaos and perfection, Rogers taps into history and mythology as each transmission mines material that is at once personal and public.

Dance of the Last Shaker

A short film shot on super-8 in Prince Edward Island featuring choreography and dance by Rebecca Mendoza and poetry by Damian Rogers from her book Paper Radio (ECW Press). Directed by Rebecca Mendoza and Chris Murphy.

Damian reading from Paper Radio at the ECW Fall Lit Party, November 2009.

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