Framed: Hollywood's Dealer to the Stars Tells All

Hollywood's Dealer to the Stars Tells All

Tod Volpe had an appetite for life's finer things and was savvy at selling them. One of the world’s foremost art dealers, Volpe’s Midas touch earned him wealth, influence, and a clientele that included such stars as Andy Warhol, Barbara Streisand, and Jack Nicholson. At the height of his success, Volpe self-destructed in a scandalous fraud trial that made headlines and threatened to blow the lid off the shadowy art world. Opting to remain silent, he pled guilty and spent two years in prison. With Framed, his silence is broken.

Terence Winter Golden Globe winning writer/producer of Boardwalk Empire, Emmy winning writer/producer of The Sopranos is set to write FRAMED, feature film based on Tod Volpe's memoir.

A morality tale about the dark side of the American dream, Framed will expose corruption in the art world.

In development with Cold Front Productions (Terry's production company), Stephen Weingrad and Irina Ginzburg, Weingrad/Ginzburg Volpe Productions, Darlene Winter AGV Productions in association with Harris Tulchin, Tulchin Entertainment.