Finding Lost - Season Six


Lost is over, but I know Ill be thinking about it for years to come. And in those mental trips to The Island, Ill be taking three things: my Bible, my comic book collection, and all of Nikkis insightful and comprehensive Finding Lost books.”
— Jeff “Doc” Jensen, Entertainment Weekly

“Nikki Stafford is a godsend to Lost enthusiasts in particular and TV lovers in general. Ive written about TV for several years, and have always valued her opinion and insights on all things television.”
— Amanda Cuda, Connecticut Post

Author Nikki Stafford has established herself in the Lost fandom through her comprehensive episode analysis, which has helped thousands of viewers watch the show with a deeper understanding season after season. This final installment of the Finding Lost series will tie together all of the pieces from season 1 to the end, showing the beginnings of each plot line and tracing its development throughout the series.

The season 6 book will include analyses on the war between good and evil and how its been epitomized in the black and white themes, and will provide possible explanations for many of the questions that will no doubt remain unanswered at the end of the series. The book will be filled with sidebars offering summaries for many of the shows ongoing mysteries, and chapters on the shows literary precursors, Stephen Kings The Stand and Miltons Paradise Lost. Stafford will also take a close look at the alternate timeline offered in the shows final season and compare it to the original timeline that played out in the first five seasons. Including exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of the filming of the season 6 episodes on location in Hawaii, Finding Lost: Season 6 will be the only book Lost fans will need when the screen goes dark (or light) one final time.

Listen to Nikki's Galley Cat interview on the series finale:

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