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Hidden Harvest: The Rise and Fall of North America's Biggest Cannabis Grow Op by Mark Coakley was reviewed in the Toronto Star on May 1, 2014. Reviewer Peter Edwards wrote, "A thoroughly researched, entertaining book."

Monday, April 20, 2015 - 12:13

The blog tour for Boring Girls by Sara Taylor will run from April 1 to April 14, 2015. Follow along for great reviews, excerpts, and giveaways! 


Here is the line-up:

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Review and Excerpt (Ch. 1), The Book Geekhttp://thebookgeek.co.uk/blog-tour-boring-girls-by-sara-taylor/, April 3, 2015

Review, Excerpt (Ch. 2) and Giveaway, Bookishhttp://evie-bookish.blogspot.ca/2015/04/blog-tour-boring-girls-by-sara-taylor.html, April 5, 2015

Review, The Book Tales, http://thebooktales.com/the-disturbing-ambitious-thriller-that-delivered-boring-girls-by-sarah-taylor/, April 6, 2015

Review and Excerpt (Ch. 3), Book Bug, https://bookbug2012.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/boring-girls-by-sara-taylor-excerpt-review-blog-tour/, April 7, 2015

Review, Giveaway, and Metal Playlist for the Book, SteffMetalhttp://steffmetal.com, April 8, 2015

Review, What Is Muchhttp://whatismuch.com/, April 9, 2015

Review and Giveaway, MetalHeadBloghttp://metalheadblog.com, April 10, 2015

Review and Giveaway, Nimrod Streethttp://nimrodstreet.com, April 11, 2015

Review, Svetlana’s Reads and Viewshttp://sveta-randomblog.blogspot.ca/, April 12, 2015

Review, The Book Stylisthttps://thebookstylist.wordpress.com, April 13, 2015

Guest Post, Dear Teen Mehttp://dearteenme.com, April 14, 2015


Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 13:42


By Iron Sheik with Keith Greenberg

The Iron Sheik to release his moving story of triumph and tragedy;
Press announces new publishing partner WWE®

In the pantheon of legendary WWE antagonists, perhaps none are as reviled as the Iron Sheik. Loathed for his anti-American diatribes, the former AAU champion and bodyguard for the Shah of Iran braved riots, death threats, and legal threats during his tumultuous career. Now, the man whose diatribes have gained him newfound mainstream notoriety finally delivers his life story.

The Iron Sheik: Listen Jabroni! is scheduled for an October 2015 release by ECW Press, the first book in WWE’s new publishing partnership with ECW. Over the past fifteen years, ECW has been a leading publisher of wrestling books, including autobiographies of Jimmy “The Mouth of the South” Hart, Larry Zybyszko and The Missing Link, as well as a number of bestselling overviews of the sport including The Death of WCW and The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame series. This fall, ECW will also release a memoir by WWE commentator Bill Apter.

Michael Holmes, Senior Editor at ECW Press, arranged the deal. “Our new partnership with WWE is the best possible addition to our longstanding commitment to publishing the finest books about the exciting world of Sports Entertainment. It’s a real pinnacle for ECW Press — a formal relationship with the WWE means we're working with the undisputed industry leader, which is both an honor and a privilege.”

The Iron Sheik: Listen Jabroni! is peppered with interviews and insights from other WWE personalities as readers are taken on a journey from the Iron Sheik’s teen years as a competitor for his native Iran, to the era when the Iranian hostage crisis transformed him into arguably the most vilified figure in sports entertainment, to his current status as a YouTube and Twitter sensation. It is available now for pre-order.


Title:                                  The Iron Sheik: Listen Jabroni!

Authors:                           Iron Sheik with Keith Greenberg

Publisher:                         ECW Press

U.S. Distributor:              Legato Publishers Group, a PGW affiliate

Canadian Distributor:    Jaguar Book Group

Publication:                     October 13, 2015

Price:                                $25.95 U.S. / $28.95 CDN
Specifications:                6 x 9", 320pp, cloth, 50 b&w images throughout, 20 color photos in section

ISBN-13:                            978-1-77041-291-0

Thursday, March 5, 2015 - 17:31

Playing with Matches by Suri Rosen was reviewed in the Ottawa Jewish Bulletin on January 22, 2015. The reviewer called the book "breezy and entertaining."

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 - 17:19

Boring Girls by Sara Taylor was reviewed on blog Information Overlord on January 29, 2015. The reviewer wrote: "This was an enjoyable read and I pretty much rattled through it."

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 - 17:18